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The Northern Middle Tennessee Local Workforce Development Board is comprised of members from across the 13 county area aligned with the TN Northern Middle Economic Jobs Based Camp. Its members are appointed by the local county mayors and confirmed by the Governor to serve two-year staggered terms.

Role of the Local Workforce Development Board

The local Board, in partnership with local elected officials, plan and oversee the local workforce system. Local plans are created and updated annually to be submitted for the Governor’s approval. The local Board designates a “One-Stop” operator and identifies providers of training services, monitors system performance against established performance measures, negotiates local performance measures with the state board and the Governor, and helps develop the labor market information system. The Board also leverages the public and private resources to meet business needs and promote economic growth.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is one of the areas of key responsibility of a Board. Each Local Workforce Development Area (LWDA) Board orchestrates the design of a local plan, which it submits to the state for approval. It is the culmination of long-term goal setting, future-oriented thinking, and sound decision making. The strategic plan establishes a path between the present and a vision for the future, connecting business and industry with a pipeline of skilled employees.

Makeup of the Workforce Development Board

Workforce Development Boards must be a majority private sector/business representatives and also include representatives of education providers, labor organizations, community-based organizations, and economic development agencies.